Our Story.

Love Snoqualmie Valley was born in 2018 after the Missions Pastor at a local church heard about a community-wide effort taking place called, "Love Modesto." After learning more about their work and traveling to see it first-hand, she knew it could radically change The Snoqualmie Valley. Even though the challenges weren't the same as those occurring in Modesto, she knew it could provide a solution to the problems keeping the Valley from working together as a united community.

The challenges identified were:

Competition: The competitive nature nonprofits and service groups were forced into as a result of limited resources in the Valley.

Silos: a large gap between different sectors in The Valley

Disunity: a large geographical range making it difficult to identify as one community working together

The leadership team decided to become members of Love Our Cities and began implementing their systems and heartbeat. On October 5th, 2019 the first Love Snoqualmie Valley Volunteer Day was born with over 30 volunteer projects across the Snoqualmie Valley and 500 volunteers. All sectors of the Valley were brought together, as service areas were identified to build unity and organizations began to enter into collaboration in order to maximize resources.

The work is continuing to expand as unity across The Snoqualmie Valley grows! Everything we do is for the purpose of offering opportunities to love one another in practical ways as we strive to love as Jesus loves.

Our Values


We are motivated to love others as Jesus would love others and strive to live out His example.


We don't think you can do life alone. We believe in collaboration between every sector; government, faith, schools, businesses and non-profits.


We value community as we come together to serve as one. 


We value honesty, integrity and doing what is right even when it's not comfortable. 


We value, respect, and understand that equity is not equality. We see equity as meeting people where they are in life and understanding that that starting point will be different for everyone.


We wouldn't exist if it wasn't for getting our hands and feet out there practically loving on our communities