Suggest a Project

PROJECT CRITERIA: Please review the following criteria before submitting your project suggestion.

1. Must benefit the Snoqualmie Valley and its residents and be unifying to all community members.

2. Must be able to be completed in one day by volunteer workers and not require technical or professional skills.

3. Must have a project leader who will act on behalf of the participating organization/non-profit/individual. This person will work directly with the LoveSV team to coordinate the details of the project. 

**If submitting for the October Volunteer Event, there must be a leader at both the morning Kick-Off location and at the project location. This can be the same person or two different people. (All volunteers will check in at the Kick-Off location before going to their Projects).  **

4. Must be willing to provide estimated project material costs if applicable.  Costs may be covered by participating organizations, individual contributions, or local sponsorships.